My why

Last night when Riley finished her horseback riding lesson her instructor laughed and said, “You know, she’s really easily distracted. She might have autism.”  We talked for a minute about the session but then she had to go help her next student.

It was just a funny little thing to say that made me smile but this morning I’m really glad she said it.

This thing has such a life of its own.  I can sit here and make a list of a multitude of ways my little girl is affected.  Heck, I just did that a couple of days ago in a requested letter to her teacher with things she needs to know.  Special Olympics training, special needs dance classes, special ed teachers, special ed school bus, speech therapy, occupational therapy, IEP meetings, social stories, melt downs, notes from the teachers — the day-to-day of this thing overwhelming.

Most days if asked why I do all this I would say “autism”. But today, thank to one little light-hearted comment, my focus is back where it belongs.  Autism isn’t the why of all this.  Riley is.  And, yes, she’s worth every bit of it.


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