Every day I try to be thankful for something.  Some days that can be a challenge!  These days I think about my family and the things we’ve been through and I realize how young and unprepared I was for this journey.  Had someone told me what it was going to be like I probably would have taken a different path.

I dreamt of my son being a baseball player.  He’s a musician and I’m so proud!  I dreamt of my daughter being a gymnast.  I’m so excited about our first Special Olympics event this month!

I can’t imagine who I would be without them.  Had I been told “These are your kids. Do you want this life?” I probably would have chosen a different path because I wasn’t strong enough.  But it was only by being their mom that I gained the strength I needed to be their mom.

So no matter what happens on any day I can always be thankful that I had no idea what I was getting into because I would have wimped out.  These kids are amazing and they’re helping me learn to be amazing too and I’m so grateful to get to be their mom!


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