Organizationally challenged

Okay, I admit it. I am organizationally challenged.  I can organize pretty much anything.  I can make lists and fix binders and make whole rooms look spiffy.  The problem is I can’t keep it that way for any length of time.  It all falls apart on me.  Unfortunately, this challenge affects almost every aspect of my life, from my jumbled closet to my ability to put together a coherent sentence and everything in between.  I am, slowly, learning to accomplish things.  At first it was small things like not wandering off somewhere while I’m cooking and ruining dinner.  But now I’m up to planning meals around the weekly specials and current coupons.  Every day that someone could come into my home and think “this is nice” instead of “what a mess” is a day I feel I’ve done my best to stay even with this challenge.

Sadly, my children have, through either nature or nurture, developed my organizational skills.  Tyler is every bit a teenager.  He is reluctant to heed my advice but hopefully he is retaining some of the useful things I say and will be able to fall back on them when he realizes that no girls will ever want to go to his foul, smelly apartment.  Riley, on the other hand, is still little!  I have hope for her!  I told her this evening that we are going to start spending just a few minutes every day working on her room.  Of course, we’ve tried this before but time management is also a skill I’m still learning.  This will be good for both of us!  And, who knows, maybe the teenager will see what a difference just a few minutes a day can make!


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