Naptime trials and pleasures

I don’t recall how I felt about naptime when I was little.  I suppose it wasn’t my favorite time of day.  I’m not exactly sure when that changed but I imagine it was when Tyler was little.  He had a passionate hatred of sleep that surpassed all other emotions.  The more tired he was and the more desperately he needed to rest the more he fought.  And he was a biter, too.  Kicking, screaming, biting… I remember literally lying on top of him until he just passed out.  In the past few years, since he’s been a teenager, it’s become harder to keep him awake.  I usually have to wake him up for supper.  And when school’s out?  Forget it.

Riley, on the other hand, slept wonderfully.  All I had to do was put her in her bed and that was it.  At night I wouldn’t hear from her again until morning.  During the day she’d usually sleep about 4 hours.  That didn’t change until 1st grade.  Once she was at school all day she stopped napping.  She’s still easy to put to bed at night but if she falls asleep during the day I check her for a fever.

As any mother can tell you, naptime is a great time for what mommy needs to do.  Catch up on some housework.  Uninterrupted phone calls.  Shower.  Or even catching a quick nap, too.  There is a certain pleasure in lying down with a fluffy pillow, warm blanket, purring cat, and the absolute knowledge that nobody is going to jump on you shouting “mommy, mommy”.  Ah yes.  That sounds so nice that I think I’m going to turn in early tonight.  Even if there’s an urgent “mommy, mommy” during the night (which would be weird) the kids are in school tomorrow and I don’t fight too hard about naps 😉


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