I don’t want to write today.  I have a headache and my nose is stuffy.  Riley was sick yesterday and high maintenance this evening.  I’m so sleepy my vision is blurred.  Grump, grump, moan, whine, complain.  It’s all excuses!

I told myself I was going to write something every day and those excuses just aren’t good enough to make me go back on that.  I don’t have to write anything relevant, or even anything good, as long as I come up with something, anything!

So what would be good enough to keep me from posting something?  Hm, interesting question.  Maybe something that requires me being out of the house; i.e., a trip to the hospital or a fire.  Eh, I won’t lie.  I probably will miss days with less than acceptable excuses.  But today is not that day!  This may be the lamest post ever written by anybody anywhere but, dang it, I’m not missing a day just because I’m feeling a bit whiny!


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