They really do pay attention!

This morning Riley came up to me and said, “Good morning. I’m going to use my TV.  If you need anything or want anything, I’ll be in my room.”  I absolutely had to smile.  How many times has she heard me say, “I’ll be (room) doing (what) if you need me”?  Ah, so she has heard me!  She can seem to not be paying attention but if I stop and ask her what I said, she’ll know.

Tyler, too.  More and more I notice that the same issues that I care about, he’s passionate about.  I may not even remember sharing my feelings on an issue with him but he’s picked it up some how.

As their mother, I must be careful to model the behavior that I want them to use.  So what do I want my children to be like?  I want them to love unconditionally, to laugh often, to be trusting but not gullible, to want to help those who need help, to protect the weak from bullies, to give of themselves to those they love, to love everybody, to live with purpose and passion, to be thankful for not only the good things in their lives but also for the bad because the bad helps shape us into the person we become.

I guess, much like them, I am a work in progress.  So I will strive to help them fix their mistakes without judging, and to overlook things that don’t really matter.  After all, they are paying attention and modeling themselves, even if subconsciously, on my example.


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