Do I have my hands full?

I hear it fairly often.  “Wow! A teenage Aspy and an 8 year old with autism? You’re hands are really full!” and I smile and say something nice like “Oh, they certainly can keep me busy”.  But how true is it really?

Some days I feel like I hardly see them.  They’re off to school so early and then after school it’s off to various activities.  I wait.  I wait here.  I wait there.  I am very thankful that my parents are able to help with their activities because I know I couldn’t do that on my own.

Sometimes when we’re home they just want to do their own thing and stay out of my way.  Those are easy (kind of boring) days.  Other days… oh boy… these are the days when I say “Yep, full indeed!”  There’s only 2 of them yet sometimes I feel like I’m being pulled in 6 different directions!  “Mama, mama, mama” from morning until I go to bed!

But to be honest, those are the days I prefer.  Those are the days with meaning, the days I really feel like Mama.  After the 75th “mama, mama” in an hour I may growl “grr give me a minute!” but it’s not because I’m upset.  It’s because I can only do so many projects at one time and I wish I could do more!

So are my hands, indeed, full?  You bet, and I wouldn’t change it for anything!


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