Depression: Cancer of the Soul

“Snap out of it!” “Get over it.” “Don’t be like that!”  Have you ever said those to someone?  Did it help?  If someone has the blues or is sad then, sure, maybe they can snap out of it and turn things around.  However, depression is a completely different monster.

Depression is a disease.  It is believed to be a disorder in the brain although researchers are still searching for the cause.  One statistic claims that 60% of suicides suffered from depression.  So perhaps it’s not a huge stretch to say “he died from end-stage depression”.

Now, if we accept that depression is a disease that can cause the death of the sick person, can we begin to see the importance of medical assistance in recovery?  After all, cancer is a disease that can cause the death of the sick person.  Would you tell a cancer patient to “snap out of it”?

As with many illnesses, most depressive patients can recover with proper medical treatment.  There should be no more stigma associated with seeking help for this disease than there is with any other.  If you or someone you love is suffering from depression, please don’t hesitate to seek treatment.  Just outside the haze of your vision is are people who love you and want you to be well.


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