5-minute miracles

Oh, brother, was Riley in form today!  When I call her my little princess I don’t actually mean I want her to boss me around and do nothing for herself all day!  She spilled her popcorn on the floor and said, “You can clean that up, right, Mama?”  I declined and suggested she handle it.  “Get me some water, Mama!” was met with “Get your own!”

So I told her that we were going to go make her bed, spend 5 minutes cleaning her room, and then it was bedtime!  She sleeps under a mountain of blankets so making her bed is no quick task.  The sleeping bag goes first.  I neither know nor much care why she must sleep in a sleeping bag every night.  I just go with it.  Then every blanket had a stuffed animal bounced on it until the animal bounced right off.  Not the fastest way or neatest way to make a bed, but it’s pretty darn fun!

Once the bed is made and all the blankets and pillows (1 regular pillow, a few pillow pets, and a giant Spongebob) are off the floor, I start the timer for 5 minutes and we start putting things away!  Dirty clothes gathered, books on the bookcase, toys gathered, papers in the desk and, voila!, a much more pleasant room!

Of course, there’s still too much on the floor to bring in the vacuum cleaner but what a difference 5 minutes made!  It’s a comfortable room for sleeping with no obstacles between the bed and the door.  Not to mention the change in us from working together!  I was starting to feel a bit taken for granted but we ended the night on a positive note for both of us.  In fact, she just came out and gave me another hug then said “I love to see your happy, smiling face!” as she bounced back to bed.  5 minutes well spent 😀


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