So proud!

Riley just said to me, “I’m working very hard.  That’s how you make your wishes and dreams come true.  Working very hard.”  What a smart girl!  Right now she’s working on a craft project.  She keeps asking for little things and says it’s a surprise for me 🙂

But it’s more than that.  She does work hard!  She’s been training to ride a horse in the Special Olympics Equestrian event being held next week.  Two months ago she barely knew what to do with the reins.  One month ago she fell off her horse and got right back on!

Tonight at training she lead her horse through the entire course, making all the turns and stopping at all the right spots, without anyone holding the guide rope!  She will be riding in a more advanced group than I thought she’d be ready for this year!

Of course, they still may decide she needs volunteers to walk with her.  The ability to focus amid distractions is a daily struggle and there will be a lot more going on during the show than she’s used to but that’s quite alright!  We’re so thrilled that she has this opportunity at all and to see her do the entire course by herself nearly brought me to tears!

All the volunteers at the ranch do a marvelous job working with their students and I’m thrilled that we get to be a part of it.  I’m particularly proud of my little Riley because she has been working hard and her wish and dream of learning to ride a horse is coming true because of it!


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