From pre-verbal to Pigasus in 4 years!

Four years ago I didn’t know if Riley would be able to have a conversation.  At 4 years old her verbal skills were on par with a typical 18 month old.  She had quite a few words but no real phrases and rarely did she put any together to make a sentence.  A back and forth conversation was certainly not something she was ready to achieve.

Now at eight and a half years old, nobody believes me!  Her verbal skills grew so far and fast that she no longer requires speech therapy outside of school.  She says things that are often clever, occasionally profound, and very cute.

If raining hard is “cats and dogs” then a light rain must be “kittens and puppies” (watch out for the poodles!).  When she didn’t want to go to dance class, she blamed her feet.  “My feet don’t want to go, Mom!”  Her daddy asked her what she does at horse riding practice and she said “focus”.  Not the answer we were looking for but it definitely works!

Sometimes her unique answers cause her to miss questions on tests.  For example, a recent vocabulary test asked “The parrot _______ the words.”  The correct answer was “imitated” but she circled “squatted”.  When I asked her about that she said she thought it said “squawked”.  That makes sense!

Recently she was playing a computer game and I asked if that was a flying pig following her avatar.  She said yes and that she calls him Pigasus.  Absolutely perfect!  It’s funny, clever, and a beautiful pun!

Yes, I suffered a lot of worry and anxiety those first few years wondering if she would ever talk.  I don’t know if I would have believed it had someone told me that she would be so creative with language in just 4 short years.  But it seems all the talking and reading I did with her registered somewhere and she just needed to wait for the right time to show me.  It didn’t happen until she was 5 but now I get to really appreciate how clever, funny, and profound she is.  If only we could teach her some better knock, knock jokes…


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