Spooooky… or not so much

Like most children (and quite a few grown-ups) Riley has always loved putting on a costume and begging for candy.  She wasn’t always able to see “trick or treat”, though.  It kind of came out as “ick eat” but everyone knew what she meant 😉

The only problems in these early years were when a house was very well decorated and spookified.  She would freak.  She could not approach the scary houses.  But Tyler was still young enough to trick or treat for his own stash and he would take her bag or bucket and explain that it was for his little sister and they would fill hers, too.

Over the last several years our collection of Halloween decor has grown extensively.  We love decorating for Halloween!  Riley, too.  She enjoys helping design the layout.  She’ll hand me a ghost and help me decide where it should go and she likes to set the gravestones back up when they blow over.

Funny thing is, since she got involved with the decorating, it takes a lot more to scare her!  Sometimes she still wants a hand to hold and haunted houses are out of the question but she can now go up to most homes and say “Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat!”

Unless the decorations have lifelike movement or someone is hiding and shouts “BOO!” at her.  Not cool!  Maybe if I can teach her to hide and shout “BOO!” that won’t be so scary, either…


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