How can I judge you today?

How can I judge you today?  Lazy!  Stupid!  Retard!  Gross!  Bad parent!  You’re going to Hell for that!  Oh, you’re on welfare?  You must be worthless, drug-using scum!  Hey, lady, control your brat!  Wow, what a slut… use birth control, welfare queen!

Any of that sound familiar?  Maybe something you said or heard about someone?  Or about you?  Sadly, most of us are prone to using judgmental language without even realizing it.

Call me a “short bus window-licker” and I’ll say “I remind you of a sweet, interesting child with a sensory fascination?  Interesting.”  There is more to every single person than what we see or what the labels tell us.

Yes, my child has autism.  No, she’s not autistic.  She’s a girl.  Autism is just part of her.  Any person with any condition is more than their condition.  It is just part of what makes them so fascinating.

The community that surrounds individuals with disabilities has taught me so much.  These gentle teachers have helped me understand that language shapes thought.  When I catch myself thinking something nasty about a person, I backtrack and try to think of what could be going on in their life.  I’m not always successful but just the act of backing off the judgmental words helps my thoughts and attitudes turn toward helping instead.

I’m much happier with my new perspective!  The world is a much more interesting place when I think about the amazing people I’ve met and the wonderful people I’ll meet soon!


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