My not-so-little little girl

I’m really not ready for my little Riley to be a big girl.  Because of her developmental delays, she got to be my baby longer than most and I guess I didn’t realize how much I liked having her as my baby.  But she’s growing up.  Hardly a day goes by when she doesn’t tell me she’s not a baby anymore, she’s a big girl now.  She doesn’t even like being my “little” girl.  She wants me to call her my “big girl”.

Sigh.  She’s so sweet and smart.  She loves saying things like “Being yourself is the best way to be beautiful” or “You’re the prettiest, sweetest mommy ever!”  The other morning she even said, “Don’t lose too much weight, Mommy, because then you won’t be yourself anymore and I might not recognize you.”  OK, that was random.  I’m really not trying to lose weight at this time but it was still meant to be sweet!

How many kids, even at just 8 years old, are obsessed with trying to fit in?  Then this amazing little girl just tells them all to blow off, she’s happy with who she is!  Of course, the compromise comes in trying to convince her that certain habits are just unsanitary or unhygienic.  “Yes, dear, it’s important to be yourself.  But maybe you can be yourself without having one hand in your panties and the other up your nose.”  Ah well, we’re getting there 🙂

And she really wants me to teach her to take good care of herself.  That’s an important job!  She’s really looking forward to being 18 and finishing school and taking care of herself!  I really hope I can properly prepare her for that adventure!  Which brings up other worries but no point in borrowing problems from 10 years from now.  Today has plenty enough 😉

But I just really hope the next few years go ever so slowly.  The first 8 have just flown and I’m really not ready for my little baby girl to be a teenager yet.  I’m already dealing with that with my little baby boy!  Oh, the humanity!!!


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