Wow! So sorry for the unscheduled break! I got a bit under the weather and apparently it was worse than I realized. I’ve pretty much slept for most of the month and I may need a 2nd round of antibiotics but I’m finally feeling like I’m coming back to life! I didn’t even miss writing until yesterday. That should have been a much bigger hint to me than it was. Writing is like cooking. I may not always do it well but I always have to do it anyway! I’ve got a couple of essay topics germinating in my wee little brain so hopefully I can figure out how to write the one that I need the most.  And it is such an important topic.  You see, the other day my Riley asked me what autism is. I didn’t have an answer for her.  She deserves that answer.  It has completely impacted every area of her sweet little life and is such a big part of who I love and I can’t tell her what it is.  It’s honestly something I’ve wondered for a long time… what will I say when she asks… but now it’s happened.  I’ve always heard that when a child asks a question that they’re ready for the answer.  Sure would be nice if I knew how to answer!  Anyway, I will be back tomorrow!  And hopefully with an answer!  Maybe I can dream it up tonight.  Hey, I’ve had stranger dreams than that 😉


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