Ingenuity at its Riley-est!

Today Riley brought home one of those stupid little tile puzzles.  You know the kind where you slide the tiles around the board until you get them all in place and see the picture.  I told her that I find that particular type of toy to be incredibly frustrating and that I would not do it for her.

In her ever-encouraging way she told me that I shouldn’t get frustrated.  I should just try and try until I get it.  That’s what she was going to do, after all!  I said I hoped she had fun with it and went on with my business.

A few minutes later she sounded upset so I checked on her and one of the tiles had popped out and she couldn’t get it back in.  So I slid it back in for her.  About 10 minutes later I checked on her again and she had all the tiles out and was trying to arrange them 🙂

Working together we managed it in just a couple of minutes.  But then she had to put them back in the panel!  Another few minutes passed and then she was just crying.  I looked over and the tiles were all over the place and things had apparently gone very, very wrong.

She gave me all the pieces saying “Maybe we should give this to someone who wants it more than I do.”  I informed her that nobody wants it.  It’s a frustrating toy and almost everyone cries after a few minutes.

So what did we get from this catastrophe?  She learned that sometimes the frustration just isn’t worth the reward of sticking to it (or maybe she didn’t, hard to say).  I learned that I CAN fix those stupid little tile puzzles… if I use a little Riley-type ingenuity rather than try to do it the “right” way 😉


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