Habits, routines, temptations

Well, today I fell to temptation!  My new routines are not habits yet so temptation is still strong!  I overslept today… oops!  I was still up in time to get Riley ready for school but just barely!  I woke up just minutes before she did.  She gets so upset when I’m not up first!  I’ve overslept before and found her sitting in her room or standing by my door crying rather than wake me up.  She’s so sweet.  I’ve told her to wake me up if I oversleep on a school day but, that’s my Riley!

Also, I ate more calories today than I have in a day in quite a while.  Yesterday I baked some cookies for the kids for the first day of school.  Today I ate two.  Oops!  They’ve been smelling so good!  Ah well.  170 calories of cookie won’t completely sabotage my week 🙂  Anyway, last time I baked cookies, I ate half of them before the kids knew they were ready!  Even with that, I still only had 1400 calories today.  That’s a bit over my goal but still so much better than before I started tracking my eating.

Tomorrow is a parent orientation at the elementary school.  I like hearing from Riley’s teachers about what’s going on in class.  I need to know what her room is like and what they’re schedule is.  Or she’ll try to tell me about something and I’ll have no idea what she’s talking about!  Don’t get me wrong here.  I’m so proud of her!  Her ability to talk has improved immensely!  However, she can still be quite difficult to understand.  Between enunciation issues and general conversational skills issues, sometimes I just don’t get it!

But overall we’re doing great!  I’m doing great this week and my little bugaboo is doing great.  Tyler is pretty good, too.  He’s a teenager, what can I say!  The cat’s a little upset, though.  Being more active and less sedentary through the day makes it hard for him to sit on my lap all day 🙂  He’s paying me back by following me around and lightly tapping my legs with his claw and sort of biting my feet or ankles.  He’s so gentle that it doesn’t hurt but it’s very startling and makes me jump!  Silly furball.


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