Meet the teachers

This evening was “parent orientation” at Riley’s school.  I find it helps me a lot to go to these things so I can get a feel for the classroom and the teachers and how things work.  Yikes, I’m glad I went this year!  I don’t know if it’s an experimental thing or a budget thing or what but her classroom has 4 teachers!  Two ladies take turns teaching math and science.  One is there on Mondays and Tuesdays.  The other on Thursdays and Fridays.  They alternate Wednesdays.  Then the kids go to another teacher for reading and language arts.  And, of course, our friend from last year, the special needs teacher, is staying with the class all day.

I expressed concerns to the teachers about Riley adjusting to the daily changes.  She hates having her routine disrupted.  Yesterday when she was getting ready for bed she was upset that we weren’t going to therapy today… it’s Thursday, that’s what we do!  But the one teacher will be there all day every day so that’ll provide her some of that consistency.  They suggested they could put a note on her desk every day to tell her who will be there the next day so she won’t be too surprised.

But I just never know with her.  I’ll think I have her figured out and then she has to change the rules.  Just this afternoon Little Miss “I hate music and melted cheese is gross” told me she wants to be in the school choir this year and then asked for Bagel Bites for dinner.  I felt like I’d dropped into an alternate reality!  Such a goof!  But while I was at the school I talked to the music teacher about her being in the choir and she said we should let her try.  If it doesn’t work out, she doesn’t have to go back.  Easy peasy, right?  I hope!


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