Empty Bowls; i.e., starving in a house of plenty.

I have been ill for the last several years and my house has fallen into a shameful state of affairs suitable, to my disgrace, not for living but for one of those reality clean-up shows.  I am now graced with the gift of health enough to begin the reparation process.

As I clean the kitchen I find bowls.  Bowls in cupboards.  Bowls on shelves.  Bowls nested inside of other bowls.  Bowls of all shapes and sizes and materials.  Some left from when my children were young. Some plastic sets with lids, two complete sets plus some extras! Some borrowed from my mother, now returned.

I also threw away pound after pound of expired food – cans as many as 10 years past their use by date!  I haven’t even lived in this state for 10 years!

How often do we say or hear “I’m hungry” or “There’s nothing to eat”?  How many neighbors do we have who actually ARE hungry and have nothing to eat?  While we sit here in our houses of plenty, staring at our empty bowls, and whining.


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