A City called Now

As I continue cleaning out my bookshelves I’m finding more old musings and short stories.  This one could be better but I like the concept so I’m typing it for safe-keeping 🙂

A City Called Now

You’re standing in a train station. The station is beautiful. There are intricate tapestries and many statues and gilded fixtures.

The single track that runs through the station is the only way in or out of this great city.

This city is called Now. The weather is variable – some days sunny, some days rainy. There are many roads and buildings to explore.

One way down the train tracks is the town of Old Now. It is deserted and desolate. The yards are overgrown and the buildings are boarded up and crumbling. The only remaining residents of Old Now are the hobgoblins in neighborhoods with names like What-If-Land and Regretville. Tourists who visit too long on Memory Lane risk being held hostage and never returning to Now.

Going the other way along the track takes you to New Now. This city hasn’t been built yet. There are no neighborhoods, no buildings, and only a few street signs labeled “Maybe Street” or “I Wish Lane”. Visitors here spend their time thinking about what they want the city to look like. They wander wistfully around dreaming of grand buildings and beautiful gardens. They risk getting lost and having a hard time making their way back to Now.

The train station in Now has a secret. The truth is there is no train. There is no way to get to Old Now or New Now. Now is the only place that is real. There is no way out but it goes on forever. There are thousands of neighborhoods to explore. There are countless roads to walk and an infinite number of buildings. Many of them are beautiful beyond description while others are things out of nightmares. But it’s all right here in Now and if you don’t like where you are, you can choose another road. It might be difficult to get there but as long as you aren’t lost in Old Now or New Now you can find a way to a part of Now that you like better.

This musing needs a good re-write but the reminder to live in NOW, not the past or the future, is something I need once in a while!


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