Ten Commandments of Love

  1. Live your life in a state of quiet meditation that you may better hear the quiet voices of your teachers speaking from deep within your soul.
  2. Be not distracted by the ills of the world for there are many and they will vastly overwhelm you. Focus instead on the ways to help heal the pain.
  3. Demonstrate servant-leadership. “How can I help you succeed?” The measure of success of those you lead becomes a portion of your own success. By lifting others up in this way you raise yourself higher.
  4. Do not blindly follow any leader or teacher. Even the best make mistakes. Others may be deceptive and are not who they claim to be.
  5. Never forget to love one another as God has loved you. For God so loved the world that he sent his only begotten son to teach the world to love and forgive and be generous with one another.
  6. Teach all who are willing to learn. Give generously to all who ask or are in need. Love all unconditionally.
  7. Pray God’s blessings on the world daily.
  8. Do what you can to help. Do not fear that you can not measure up to the generosity of your wealthy neighbor. You will never be judged by her yardstick, for good and evil performed by her is hers alone.
  9. Study the great teachers of Love daily that you may be a shining example of their students.
  10. Do not boast of your good works. Allow them to speak for you and be their own reward. If you need applause for giving to charity then it was not a charitable act.


This list came to me in a meditation recently. These are certainly high goals and not all of them are easy. It all makes sense, though.

  1. This one is difficult. How do I quiet my mind to listen to the wisdom within? Sometimes it feels impossible. I guess when my mind is whirling is when I most need to go to my room and close the door and sit in solitude for a few minutes to work out what it is distracting me.
  2. How can I avoid being distracted by the ills of the world?  There are so many and they are everywhere.  It seems that hatred is everywhere and love can be hard to find.  This is when I need to focus on one thing I can do.  I can sign a petition, donate to an organization that helps fix one of the evils, pick up something someone dropped, smile or say something nice to someone.  It feels inadequate but every little drop of Love spread into the world helps.
  3. For some people servant-leadership is just who they are.  They innately recognize that the better the people around them do, the more they themselves thrive.  How wonderful to know someone like this!  How much more wonderful would it be if the world were full of these people!  For many of us learning this way of leadership will be challenging because so many of our role models have been bossy but I believe it would be worth it.
  4. Always do your own research.  If someone tells you something that doesn’t sound right, look into it.  Not everyone is looking to help and some people just make legitimate mistakes.  It happens.  If a teacher becomes agitated or upset that you’ve asked a question or researched their information then they are not helpers and you should proceed with caution.  If they rejoice with you when you come up with independent answers and will discuss new information, then they are worth hearing.
  5. Love, forgive, be generous.  Love everyone regardless of your differences.  Those are petty reasons to hate.  Forgive people who have wronged you.  It is a difficult thing, to drop such a burden.  But carrying around the resentment and anger will only harm you.  Be generous.  Give what you can, when you can.  If all you can give is a smile, smile generously.
  6. Teach what?  I guess whatever it is that you know that someone else wants to learn.  Tricky one, that.
  7. Pray God’s blessings on the world daily — God certainly knows that our world needs all the blessings it can get!
  8. This is a good reminder.  You can only do what YOU are capable of.  Don’t fret about what your neighbor is doing and fear that your efforts will look pitiful in comparison.  It’s not a competition.  There will be no comparison in Heaven.  If your neighbor donates $1000 and all you can give is an hour of your time, then give that hour and know it’s precious.  Remember Cain and Abel.  Cain was a farmer and offered fruit from the ground rather than picking fruit himself.  Abel brought the fat from a firstborn animal of his flock.  God did not compare the two brothers’ offerings.  He told Cain to bring a proper offering.  It was Cain who compared their offerings and became enraged.  So it is with us.  Our efforts are not compared to each others’.  We may make that comparison ourselves but the truth remains that we can only do what is within our abilities.  And I thank God that I will never be held up to anyone else’s measure.
  9. Study the great teachers of Love.  Oh, what a lovely idea!  There have been so many wonderful teachers throughout history!  Jesus, the Buddhas, the current Dali Lama, just to name a few obvious examples.  I definitely need to read more Love!
  10. “If you need applause for giving to charity then it was not a charitable act.”  So true!  Wow!  How often do we hear about the anonymous person paying off layaway accounts or other such wonderful acts!  Not often enough!  But why are they anonymous?  Why not share their acts with the world?  Because they are out to help others.  If their identity becomes known, would it compromise their ability to help in the future?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  But they are doing it for that good feeling you get from helping and they are known to Heaven by their deeds.


So my translation of my meditation may not be 100% and my interpretation of this translation is probably less than perfect.  But even with any errors these still seem to me like good ways to live a Love-filled life.  Some of these may be fairly easy while others are decidedly more difficult.  I guess I just have a new set of goals for myself.


In Love,



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