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Happy New Year New You!

Ah, the beginning of a new year!  So full of hope and renewal.  Big plans to change lives, change the world!  OK, hands up if you’ve decided this is the year you’ll exercise regularly or start running or begin a new diet or go to church weekly or “be a better you” in some other way.

Yeah, they all start off that way, don’t they?  We start off with all this enthusiasm and we’re so gung-ho.  But by March all the beginning enthusiasm has worn off and we’re back in the same old routines, probably disappointed in ourselves for failing when we’d set ourselves up for failure in the first place.

So what can we do instead?  How can we make ourselves and our world better in 2017?  Certainly not by trying to do it all up front.  No, it needs to be a more gradual process to succeed.  Baby steps!  And we must be forgiving of ourselves when we don’t make a goal or a new routine doesn’t stick after the first month.

It’s true that we often don’t push ourselves hard enough and don’t reach our potential in any given area because of it.  It’s also true that sometimes we push ourselves too hard and sabotage our efforts that way.  I know I’m guilty of both!

Face it, you aren’t going to go to the gym every day.  Probably not even 3 days a week every week for the whole year.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t exercise several times a week.  Go for a walk.  Do a 20-30 minutes workout video or follow along with an exercise sheet easily printed from various websites.  I’ve seen some designed to be done at a desk!  You also won’t follow a strict diet of severely restricting what and how much you can eat, either.  But you can find a healthy eating program to help you make balanced choices and eat more whole foods instead of sugary treats.

How will I be a “new me” this year, I guess is a question.  Well, certainly not by making any Earth shattering resolutions and failing by mid-February.  No, that won’t do at all.  That’s just “me” not a “new me” 😛   I’d rather continue studying to learn more about networking and computer repair until I finally get a job and then continue on from there.  I’ll also continue meditating and reading daily (or almost daily, anyway) to grow both spiritually and as a person.  I’ll try to do a better job to help those in need and to recognize when someone doesn’t need or want or can’t accept anything I have to offer.  I could also do a better job of accepting help when I’m the one in need.

So how about it?  Do you have big plans for the new year?  How do you intend to make it work long-term?  Can you be forgiving of yourself if you stumble along the way?  Remember, dear.  You’re only human.  You will make mistakes.  You will run low on steam to keep up a big project.  You will probably even find yourself forgetting because it’s not part of your pre-set routine.  Love yourself because of this, not in spite of it.  It’s okay, really.  You are going to be great and do great things!  Even if it’s not what you planned 🙂


Beautiful Weekend!

It really was a great weekend!  On Friday, Riley spent the night at my parents’ house and I got to see the opening night of Tyler’s play!  He’s in a local theater production of Oliver!  He doesn’t have a major role in this one but he does get a lot of on-stage time.  It’s very exciting.  They’ve been working very hard for about 2 months now and it’s worth it.  The production is excellent!

Mom told me that she’s seen some definite improvements in Riley’s behavior since the last time she stayed overnight.  Not that she misbehaves much but her other behaviors… not wanting to talk to them or look at them, that sort of thing.  I have noticed in the last week or 2 that she will actually talk to my dad some.  Talking to men is a challenge for her.  But honestly, I’m in no big hurry to change that!

Then there was today.  As far as I’m concerned, today was just about perfect, weather-wise.  Upper 70s, clear skies, not very humid, nice breeze.  It was pretty much the first day in a long while where I didn’t feel like I was going to melt, the humidity was overwhelming, or we needed a boat to get around.  Riley decided that we just HAD to go for a walk on such a beautiful day!  Have I mentioned recently how smart she is? 🙂  So we went up to the local playground to hang out for a few minutes before walking home.  She’s not really interested in the playground much these days but she does love to walk there and back.

Both Friday night and Saturday I stayed up well past midnight to talk to Tyler about the performance.  I’m used to being in bed at 1030!  But he’s excited and on a major adrenaline high after the show so what’s a mom to do?  What with that and overindulging on pasta this evening I am so sleepy!  I should crash before I start rambling.  Or is it too late already? 🙂