Little Rey and the Every Fruit Tree

There once was a beam of sunlight named Little Rey.

Little Rey was smaller than most of the beams around her but she shone the brightest of them all.

She was so small that she never touched very many lives at one time but she was so bright that every life she touched was affected by her.

Some of these lives grew and bloomed and thrived because her light nourished them.

Others shriveled and shrank back into the shadows because her light overwhelmed them.

Whether a life grew or shriveled was not Little Rey’s fault.  It was merely a chemical reaction.

But every tine someone pulled away she wondered what she’d done wrong.

The truth is she had done nothing wrong.  It just was.

And when a life grew and thrived she celebrated for them but never saw her own light as part of it.

Then one day she found a little weed.  He had been stepped on and kicked and hadn’t seen any light in all his life.

Little Rey plucked the little weed from the cold ground and planted him in a little pot.

She nurtured him with her light and watered him with her love.  She strengthened his stem from where he had been stepped on.

Soon the little weed had outgrown his little pot so Little Rey planted him in her garden.

He continued to grow and grow and soon was the biggest tree to have ever existed!  All because Little Rey, the smallest of the lights, loved and nurtured him.

As it happens, this tree began to bear fruit.  Every kind of fruit known, plus a few unknown, grew on this tree.  When asked what kind of tree he was, Little Rey just said he was an Every Fruit Tree.

Now this tree loved Little Rey with every bit of love she had always shown him.  He inhaled pollution and exhaled vital oxygen.  He produced enough fruit to feed hundreds, if not thousands, every day.

The Every Fruit Tree knew he would continue to grow and could continue his mission of producing fruit for all only as long as Little Rey shone on him and watered him with her Love.

He focused very hard on his love and gratitude for Little Rey until a special golden fruit grew on one of his upper branches.

“Little Rey,” he called out, “I have something for you.  You found me as a broken, ugly weed and nurtured me when noone else could.  I love you and am so grateful. I would never have grown and been able to provide for everyone if not for your Love.  I grew this special golden fruit to say thank you and I love you, too.”

Little Rey picked the golden fruit.  She looked at its skin and turned it over in her hands.  She held it up to her nose and inhaled deeply.  It was the sweetest scent she’d ever smelled!

“Go ahead.  Taste it!” encouraged the Tree.

She bit into the fruit and her mouth was awash in an explosion of flavors!  It was apples and strawberries, kiwi and bananas, oranges and grapes all at once!

“Finish it,” her friend instructed.

Every bite was a new riot of flavors!

“It’s incredible!” she told him.  “What is it?”

“It’s an Every Dream Fruit,” he replied.  “It’s everything you’ve ever desired.  From now on you will have everything your heart desires.  Anything you wish, so long as the wish comes from your heart, will be yours.  If you want enough money to buy a home for yourself and a hundred other people, it’s yours.  If you want the opportunity to shine your Light on more and more people, you’ll get it.  If you want a lover, please let that be me because I love you above all.”

“Oh, Tree,” Little Rey sobbed, overjoyed to know he loved her as she had always loved him.  “There could never be anyone else!”

“Then, come,” he said, “Let’s build your houses that you may be comfortable and help as many people as you choose.”

And they worked together, his love making her glow brighter and hers making him grow taller and bear more fruit.

The two of them worked together to house the homeless and feed the hungry, to love the unloved and welcome the unwanted, and they made it their goal that all who crossed their path would be enriched for it.


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