Who am I?

I am Sherry. Being Sherry means different things on different days but one consistent thing is taking care of my wonderful children. Tyler is a 15 year old high school junior. He is diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. Riley is 8 and in third grade. Her diagnosis is PDD-NOS. Their father Jeff is in the Navy and currently stationed away from us. Then there is Glad… the black cat we gave Riley for her 7th birthday. He is, we believe, codependent.

My hobbies are my kids and writing. I try to write at least 1 page every day. Some days I’m inspired and do more. Other days I just can’t manage it. I also LOVE couponing! I’m not a psycho freak about it and I don’t have a hoard of stuff under Riley’s bed. If it won’t fit in the room in which it belongs, I don’t want it. I just try to save a minimum of 30% every time I shop.

I hope some of my ramblings are interesting to anyone other than myself. I’m always interested in conversation and open to constructive criticism. Also, feel free to send ideas that you’d like to see an essay about. I’m also always open to inspiration!




Whether it’s microwaving a frozen meal or preparing a full Thanksgiving feast, cooking is not optional.  I must eat.  The kids simply will insist upon it, too.

Sometimes I’m absolutely inspired and create something that I get asked for months later.  Other days, the kids are lucky to get pizza rolls!

Writing is much the same.  I must write.  It’s not optional.  I have something in me that has to be said.  If I neglect it, part of my brain starts to starve.

Like cooking, sometimes I’m inspired and have a LOT to say and say it fairly well.  Other days, it’s really hard but I have to write something, anything.  It doesn’t matter what.  If I don’t then I won’t sleep well and my thoughts start to get all jumbled up and I start to really feel unwell.

So, yes, for me writing is every bit as important as cooking.  They are both nourishment for my body and soul.  You may not appreciate what I create and that’s okay.  I don’t always, either.  Both will be prepared daily anyway so join me as I create!  Although if you want the food, let me know ahead of time so I can do something better than pizza rolls that day 🙂


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